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Archived Legacy Device Descriptions 

This ZIP archive contains old versions of device descriptions as used until August 2010 (Synfire Pro up to 1.1.11 and HN2 up to 2.0.5). In case you need one of the following device descriptions, you'll find them in this archive:

Access Virus A 
Access Virus B
Access Virus Indigo 
Access Virus KB 
Access Virus Rack 
Ensoniq VFX 
Garritan Jazz and Big Band 
Garritan Personal Orchestra 
GPO All Instruments 
Internal GM Synth 
Kontakt 3 VSL Orchestra 
Korg  Z1 
Korg M1 
Korg M3 
Korg Trinity 
Korg Triton 
Korg Triton-Rack 
Korg Wavestation 
Malmsjö Acoustic Grand 
Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth 
NI Akoustik Piano 
NI Reaktor 5 Synths 
Novation Bass Station Rack 
Roland JV-1080 
Roland JV-2080 
Simple MIDI Cable 
Synful Orchestra 2.5.2 
Waldorf Micro Q 
Waldorf MicroWave 
Yamaha MOTIF 6/7/8 
Yamaha MU90R 
Yamaha MU90R

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Download (Cross-Platform, 886.72 KB, 2010-08-22)