macOS 10.10 or later
Intel Mac @ 1 GHz
Apple M1 support is being worked on

Windows 7/8/10
64-bit Windows
CPU @ 1 GHz

1 MIDI Interface (recommended)

Internet connection temporarily required for authorization.

HN2 Advanced Edition (Upgrade from HN Version 1)

Your are eligible for this upgrade only if you already own a Harmony Navigator 1 license. You must use the same user account you used to purchase the original license.

Tip: In case you purchased your license for Harmony Navigator 1 after November 15th 2009, you can get this upgrade unlocked free of charge (grace period). Please contact us using the contact form. Please understand that we can not refund the upgrade in case you happened to purchase it already.

HN2 Advanced Edition (Upgrade from HN Version 1) 49.00 €
(Estimated1 USD $48)

Notes: Product delivered as digital download (ESD). Box image used for illustration only Download and installation possible immediately after receipt of payment You have various options for payment Unfortunately, it is not possible to return digital downloads once the product was transferred to your computer. Therefore please try the demo before ordering the product.

1) Prices in USD are estimations based on EUR/USD exchange rate 1.17 as of 2021-09-23 13:43:50.177166 CET. All prices already include taxes. European taxes however do not apply to customers from outside the EU. Actual exchange rates and fees charged by your credit card company or payment provider may vary.

All prices, terms and technical requirements are subject to change without notice. Corporate customers in the EU with a VAT ID please contact us before ordering. If you need a printable invoice for your accounting, please contact customer support after your purchase.

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