Video Conference Events

If you already have a Google+ account, you may want to follow the Cognitone Workshop Google+ Page to receive invitations to future events.

Scheduled Events

Currently no events are scheduled in the near future.


Google Hangouts On Air

Guests need a Google+ account and the Google Hangout browser plug-in to join an event. Be sure you are logged into your account before attempting to join an event. Up to 10 guests can join with their cams and/or mics. Up to 90 additional attendees can participate using the Q&A feature (account required). No account is required for watching the YouTube live stream only.


Before joining an event, make sure you have checked the following prerequisites:

  1. Your browser, operating system, processor and bandwidth must meet the system requirements. Verify your cam and mic drivers are up to date and working. Use headphones where possible. Headphones with a built-in microphone will dramatically improve your video-call experience.
  2. If you don't already have one, create a Google Account (You can delete it later, if you don't want to use it). Upgrade your account to Google+, if red bubbles advertise the upgrade (it's free). Without the Google+ account, you can merely watch the live stream without any interaction. It is possible to create the account with minimal or fake information, if this concerns you.
  3. Download and install the latest version of the Google Hangout Browser Plug-in and restart your browser.

Privacy Policy

In order to protect the privacy of all attendees, unless noted otherwise, Cognitone will delete any recorded events from our YouTube channel within seven business days after the event.