Cognitone's intelligent tools help you develop musical ideas from scratch and put them to life in new and surprising ways.

With us, you're supported by A.I. (artificial intelligence) on an equal footing, instead of being at its mercy. Unlike completely AI-generated tracks, which get boring pretty quickly, with us you retain full control and enjoy the freedom to follow spontaneous suggestions. In the end, you've actually created something yourself that no one else could have created.

Music Prototyping

Composing and arranging music is usually a very laborious effort because most current music software is static. The longer you work on a project, the more difficult it becomes to make substantial, sweeping changes. Thus, more often than not, you find yourself settling for a mediocre compromise because starting over would be too time consuming and tedious. That's a shame, because this makes you fall way short of your creative potential.

With Music Prototyping however, you build a piece from dynamic building blocks that you can modify or replace at any time. With only a few clicks, you can make profound and dramatic changes that would usually take hours or days. Now you can hear them in an instant and pick the results you like best with unbiased and fresh ears.


Cognitone's Music Prototyping™ technology is based on algorithms for pattern recognition, structural analysis, knowledge-based transformation and an algebra for musical expressions. Intelligent look-ahead computation allows for the operation in near real-time. We fulfill a dream that existed ever since the beginning of MIDI, more than 30 years ago: Being able to freely combine and shape musical material of different origins.

We consider Music Prototyping the most significant technological achievement since the advent of samplers (1986) and virtual instruments (1998). We believe that Music Prototyping can do for music producers what computer graphics (CGI) did for movie makers.


Cognitone is based in Hamburg, Germany. Founder André Schnoor, Master of Computer Science, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and also a musician, began researching the fundamentals of Music Prototyping as early as the 1990's. Today, Cognitone distributes products built on the foundation of his work. Cognitone focusses on the application of AI on musical composition.