Cognitone's intelligent tools help you develop musical ideas from scratch and put them to life in new and surprising ways.

With us, you're supported by AI on an equal footing, instead of being at its mercy. Unlike completely AI-generated tracks, which get boring pretty quickly, with us you retain full control and enjoy the freedom to follow spontaneous suggestions. In the end, you've actually created something yourself that no one else could have created.

Music Prototyping

Leave behind the static confines of a DAW or a music notation program. Build your music from dynamic elements that you can change or replace at any time. With only a few clicks, you can make profound and dramatic changes that would usually take hours or days. Now you can hear them immediately and choose with fresh, unbiased ears. No more settling for mediocre compromises just because starting over would be too tedious. You can do anything now. Anytime.


Our technology is based on symbolic AI for pattern recognition, classification, harmonic analysis, rule-based synthesis, transformation and an algebra for musical expressions. Intelligent look-ahead processing allows near real-time operation. This means that musical material from a wide variety of sources can be combined and arranged freely.


Cognitone, based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded by André Schnoor, a computer scientist specializing in AI (artificial intelligence) and a musician himself. Back in the 1990s, he laid the foundations for the technology used today, which is constantly evolving. Today, Cognitone focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to support the composition of music.

Our Pledge
Cognitone has been using AI long before the advent of LLMs, transformers and diffusion models that are now a threat to everything that makes our culture human. We will never swallow your music to replace you. We are committed to helping you create your own distinctive music, not the millionth variation of a statistical average. We are firmly opposed to the massive devaluation of human expression.