Composing is a challenge: Beginners seldom have the basic knowledge and professionals never have enough time. Cognitone makes intelligent tools that help you develop musical ideas and put them to life.

Music Doesn't Grow On Trees

Working in a studio, when you're buried in painstaking, detailed work, it's easy to lose sight of the goal. Stuck in a rut, we no longer seem able to come up with anything new. Thousands of sounds and effects often lead to paralysis and frustration. Studio gear today creates the perfect sound for little money. But even today's most advanced equipment doesn’t compose music. What can you produce, if the song in your head isn't yet ready for the DAW?

Harmony, Melody Underestimated

Where you feel a beat isn't enough, textures, harmonies and melodies will make a big difference. They have worked for centuries. If music intends to evoke images and emotions, it needs to address more than the body. Composing is the art of creating this musical substance. Already a minimal dose of it can make your work stand out, make people feel touched and remember your song.


Cognitone wants to support your development of ideas, from the very first inspiration to a finished work. We help you envision and create original music and finally take it to your DAW.


Cognitone's Music Prototyping™ technology is based on algorithms for pattern recognition, structural analysis, knowledge-based transformation and an algebra for musical expressions. Intelligent look-ahead computation allows for the operation in near real-time. We fulfill a dream that existed ever since the beginning of MIDI, more than 20 years ago: Being able to freely combine and shape musical material of different origins.

We consider Music Prototyping™ the most significant technological achievement since the advent of samplers (1986) and virtual instruments (1998). Music Prototyping™ can do for music, what computer graphics did for the movie industry.


Cognitone is based in Hamburg, Germany. Founder André Schnoor, Master of Computer Science, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and also a musician, began researching the fundamentals of Music Prototyping as early as the 1990's. Today, Cognitone distributes products built on the foundation of his work. Cognitone focusses on the application of AI on musical composition.