Experience an inspiring new workflow, assisted by technology that is able to understand and interpret music intelligently. Synfire helps you develop musical ideas from scratch and put them to life.

Music Prototying is a unique workflow that continuously gives rise to new ideas, rhythms, melodies and harmonies. Once you have something that clicks and sticks, you export it to your DAW for production. It's a ton of fun, and you learn a thing or two about the theory of music along the way. It works great for all genres and styles.

With us, you're supported by artificial intelligence on an equal footing, instead of being at its mercy. Unlike completely AI-generated tracks, which get boring pretty quickly, with us you retain full control and the freedom for spontaneous suggestions. In the end, you've actually created something yourself that no one else could have created.

Synfire Sparks

Your personal harmony navigator. Discover the world of music prototyping and improve your songwriting skills with Synfire's intelligent tools. Navigate through chords, scales and keys and learn music theory intuitively on the fly. Create instrumental parts and export them to your DAW.

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Harmony Navigator

Synfire Express and Pro

The Music Prototyping Studio for dynamic arrangements with incredible editing capabilities. For dance tracks, orchestral works, game soundtracks, film music, sophisticated electronics, jazz, pop, hiphop and all styles that involve melodies, harmony, rhythm, atmosphere and structure.

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Our Pledge
Cognitone has been using AI long before the advent of LLMs, transformers and diffusion models that are now a threat to everything that makes our culture human. We will never swallow your music to replace you. We are committed to helping you create your own distinctive music, not the millionth variation of a statistical average. We are firmly opposed to the massive devaluation of human expression.