Technical Information

Current articles and permanent surveys concerning various topics.

Changelog: Synfire NEW

Find out what has changed in this summary of recently published updates and enhancements. Includes changes for all editions (Sparks, Express and Pro). more

What's New With Synfire 2.0

The new generation of Synfire has much improved since version 1. This is a list of new features and improvements. more

Moving from HN2 to Synfire Sparks

Before considering a move from HN2 to Synfire Sparks, it is important to understand what distinguishes the two programs. While Sparks adds plug-in hosting and phrase editing, some features and capacities are less powerful than HN2 Advanced Edition. more

Apple Silicon M1, M2 Support

Synfire 2.0 natively supports Apple M1, M2 more

Changelog: Harmony Navigator 2

Find out what has changed in this summary of recently published updates and enhancements. more

User Survey: What Kind of Music do You Make?

We want to provide you with tutorials, tips and examples you can relate to and put to practical use. Your musical preference settings help us point you to the videos and workshops that best suit your needs. more

Solving Email Problems

What to do if you are not receiving email replies from our servers or customer support more

Information For Demo Users

Helpful links for users of the current Synfire Demo more

About The iLok

The PACE iLok provides room for 500 software licenses of many vendors. You can run iLok-authorized software on any number of machines, anywhere you go. more

XML Instrument Tuning Definitions

For Synfire Pro and Harmony Navigator (version 2 and above), you can define your own string instrument tunings using this XML format. more

XML Import/Export: MIDI Device Definitions

Cognitone software allows for the import of standard Apple XML "midnam" patch name definition files and regular text files, which can save you hours of tedious typing. Please have a look into our Links Section to learn more about online resources with ready-to-use files and format descriptions. more

XML Import/Export: Instrument Categories

Table of valid category indentifiers for use in XML documents. more