About The iLok

The PACE iLok provides room for 500 software licenses of many vendors. You can run iLok-authorized software on any number of machines, anywhere you go.

The iLok safely stores software licenses and enables you to carry all of your licenses with you and run the software you have purchased on any OS X or Windows machine. You only need a single iLok for up to 500 software licenses. The iLok is supported by many renowned software vendors.

Where Can I Get One?

You can purchase an Ilok at many online stores or from a local dealer in your area. Every music store selling professional software will likely also offer iLoks for sale. The prices for our downloadable products already take into account that an iLok needs to be obtained separately.

How Does It Work?

After you have purchased a license, you will receive an email with a code. Follow the instructions in that email to redeem that code for a license using the iLok License Manager:

  1. If you don't already own an iLok, please get one online or at a local store.
  2. If you don't already have a user account at www.ilok.com, please create one. Download the iLok License Manager from there and install it.
  3. Using the iLok License Manager, you can now redeem the code for a license. Plug your iLok in a USB port and drop the license onto the icon of the iLok - Done!
  4. Your iLok is now ready to authorize and run the software on any computer you like.

Using the iLok License Manager from www.ilok.com, you can administer your licenses yourself at any time.

What Is My iLok User ID?

It is the login name you chose yourself for the account you created on www.ilok.com (not the password). You will need to enter that ID during the checkout procedure of our online shop, so we can deliver your license to that account. Note that your iLok User ID is not the part number printed on the key.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need an iLok for Harmony Navigator?
A: No. Currently only Synfire uses the iLok.

Q: I would like to use the iLok for Harmony Navigator for better mobility. Is that possible?
A: Customers occasionally ask for this, but unfortunately for technical reasons, this is not currently possible.

Q: Does Synfire come with an iLok included?
A: Only as an option, because most users already have one. If you order a box, you have the option to add an iLok to your order. Selecting the downloadable product and getting an iLok from a specialized store in your country however goes way faster.

Q: Do I need an iLok in order to create an account at www.ilok.com ?
A: No. You can create that account in advance and install the iLok License Manager, while you wait for your iLok to arrive.

Q: Does my music computer need to be online?
A: No. Use the iLok License Manager on any computer with Internet access to put the license on your iLok. Then take the iLok to your music computer. You also need to install the iLok License Manager on your music computer, of course. We recommend to take your music computer online at least temporarily, as this greatly simplifies the procedure. It also allows for getting software updates more easily.

Q: I already have another iLok-supported software. Do I need to update drivers?
A: Please always install the latest version of the iLok License Manager. It is compatible with earlier versions and products from PACE.

Q: What should I do if my iLok stops working?
A: Please make sure it is plugged into a working USB port and the blue light is on. Also try a different USB port. For more information on what to do in this case, please visit www.ilok.com.

Q: What if my iLok happens to get lost?
A: If you are absolutely sure you can not find your iLok anywhere anymore, you can request a replacement. For details please visit www.ilok.com.

Q: I've read critical reports about the ilok and am sceptical.
A: Planes do crash. Nevertheless, the airplane is still by far the safest means of transportation. Many millions of licenses are successfully administered by the iLok worldwide. The big majority of users is satisfied. At these big numbers, it is inevitable that individual problems get reported and the Internet contributes its share to making this a lasting impression. Pay attention to the date: Most issues have already been resolved a long time ago. In whole, the iLok works really fine.

Why We Decided For The iLok

The iLok currently is the most comfortable and reliable copy protection for valuable software. It offers the best advantages to our professional customers, many of which already own one or more iLoks anyway.

Cognitone is aware of the controversy around copy protection. We went to great lengths thinking about creative alternatives and continue to do so. Unfortunately the past years have proven that more liberal license politics only work for mass products in very big numbers.

Since the proliferation of broadband Internet, piracy became a serious threat to small software vendors. Since our market is very small and the investment is high, we could not afford the losses involved with piracy. We are commited to always providing the best and most progressive music prototyping software. We thank our honest customers for supporting this endeavour and bearing with the need for copy protection.


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