Changelog: Synfire

Find out what has changed in this summary of recently published updates and enhancements. Includes changes for all editions (Sparks, Express and Pro).

Synfire 2.4.5

Feature Enhancements:
- Snippets: Ability to edit phrases on Snippets page (experimental)
- Factories: Generate variations of generated phrases with Express (experimental)
- Factories: New melody factory "Develop A"
- Library: Library racks for Express
- Snippets: Inspector should have a tab for snippet container

Resolved Bugs:
- Factories: Most piano factories did not re-generate well due to wrong setting
- Factories: Bundle selection should always select a usable factory by default
- Snippets: Snippet removed from memory slot when restored after preview
- Figure recognition on inspector locked up user interface
- Factories: Fixed "Repeat Last X" mode with Step sequencer
- Layout: Progression page w/Snippets visible corrupted sidebar
- Parameters: Fixed a crash with rhythm templates
- Fixed crashes with parameter templates
- Fixed issue with undo after container edits
- Fixed issue with Parameter menu on menu bar
- Snippets: Fixed issues with harmonic context display during playback
- Switching language should also flush help cache
- Factories: Fixed several crashes and bugs
- Verify thread safety of Undo/Redo
- Fixed several crashes

Other Changes:
- Factories: Each factory should suggest a default number of measures
- Snippets: Turning off speaker should restore snippet backup
- Palette: Separate colorings for Intersection Subsets, Supersets
- (macOS) Improved responsiveness of user interface
- Factories: Drums should allow MIDI pitch entry per instrument
- Library: Ability to copy harmony & tempo from linked track
- Library: Revised and improved example libraries
- Library: Indicate when a phrase pool required conversion for Express, Sparks
- Convert phrases with unsupported symbol types (Express, Sparks)
- Snippets: Double-click on snippet should open phrase editor
- Snippets: Harmony snippet should be labeled with auto-transposed progression
- Snippets: Harmony should be auto-transposed to default Harmony (if there is any)
- Snippets: Snippet selection should select an available parameter
- Snippets: Moving or replacing a snippet should retain its playback status
- Snippets: Improved selection coherence across arrangement pages
- Library button should indicate activity while working

Synfire 2.4.4

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.6
- Audio Engine: Sort plug-ins in XML file for easier comparison and manual lookup
- Snippets: General overhaul with improved looks, behavior and stability
- Snippets: Ability to save and recall probability profiles
- Snippets: Ability to reindex and sort snippets by density (per group)
- Library: Audition phrases from library in snippets grid (live)
- Library: New Progression tab for the phrase pool editor
- Library: Small button for saving selected phrase to current track
- Factories: Slightly improved piano chords factory
- Library: Ability to renumber phrases in a pool (like snippets in a group)

Resolved Bugs:
- Library: Batch import w/equal settings truncated imported spans to that of first file
- Snippets: Fixed many bugs and inconsistencies
- Library: Fixed several issues and inconsistencies
- Library: Phrase preview choppy when started w/o stopping first
- Custom grid LED not indicating content correctly
- Container export menu erroneously called the file export
- Snippets: Fixed issues with default harmony
- Library: Fixed a few crashes
- Harmony: Estimate button unresponsive when global parameters not selected

Other Changes:
- Snippets: Default Harmony should be copied from root container
- Snippets: Show live harmony transitions on all widgets
- Library: Jump to Progression tab after applying a harmonization
- Library: Harmonizer output should not exceed the length of the phrase
- Library: Improved sorting of phrases by density, taking polyphony into account
- Interpretation: Guitar picking should use open ranges
- Interpretation: Fixed issues with fretboard-aware interpretation

Synfire 2.4.3

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.5
- Audio Engine: Support VST3 bundle format and manifest
- Audio Engine: Ability to manually patch the number of audio channels after scanning plug-ins
- Library: Audition phrases along current container in arrangement (e.g. drums)
- Library: Improved preview of phrase in container context (loops, solo, any parameter)
- Snippets: Empty a memory slot with Command/Ctrl + Right-Click
- Snippets: Hold SHIFT to exclude harmony snippets from memory recall
- Library: Button to switch between embedded and last used library
- Parameters: Ability to delete all occurrences of a parameter for all selected instruments
- Palette: Improved continuation coloring (newly trained)
- Factory: Randomize step sequencer with triplets
- Snippets: Added inspector for snippet group properties to sidebar

Resolved Bugs:
- Live chord detection stopped working
- Library: Harmony inspector disabled after consecutive selections
- Library: Fixed issue when inserting harmony-only phrases
- Default ScannedPlugins64.Overrides.xml was missing from Windows installer
- Help: Drag-copy on Windows uses Ctrl-key
- Catalog: Fixed hungarian-minor scale (create a new catalog)
- Catalog: Fixed enharmonic spellings of borrowed notes in major/minor keys
- Catalog: Fixed equivalent roman numerals
- Fixed issues with inserting phrases and parameters from library
- Fixed issues with undo and global parameters

Other Changes:
- Audio Engine: Unused drones should be labeled 'Available' rather than 'Reserved'
- Sync: Added 250ms and 400ms schedule headrooms for safe timing with with Drones
- Library: Ability to hold Interpretation as a standalone parameter
- Library: Option to condense Harmony phrases with cleanup for shipping
- Library: Option to reset favorite status with cleanup for shipping
- Library: Added new pools to Example Chords, Bass
- Library: Double-click in phrase grid should insert it (not jump to library page)
- Library: Preview with container should show transport progress
- Library: Should not suggest to copy sound with a harmony phrase
- Library: Added more popular progressions
- Snippets: Drop empty containers after conversion of session to arrangement
- Parameters: Parameter trace should be always bright for global parameters
- Fixed odd bass settings in Example Harmony library

Synfire 2.4.2

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.4
- Show instrument colors on track headers
- Drones: New keyboard command to export MIDI to all Drones
- Snippets: Two more memory slots G, H
- Snippets: Highlight last launched memory slot

Resolved Bugs:
- Audio Engine: Improved compatibility with VST3 (please re-scan all)
- Audio Engine: Fixed crashes with multi-channel guest plugins in Drones
- Audio Engine: Improved healing of lost connections (wait 20 seconds)
- Standalone progression editor crashed
- Drones: More robustness against drones being unloaded/reloaded by the DAW
- Drones: Offline playback of Drone's MIDI memory did not work
- Drones: Export button refused to pull MIDI data from Synfire
- Snippets: Memory slot recall doesn't start playback immediately after opening
- Snippets: Make arrangement should disable forced alignment of children
- Device Editor: Range edits on Variants tab not saved
- Menus: File export command keys not shown in menu
- Fixed several crashes as per submitted reports

Other Changes:
- Snippets: Dropping phrase pool on grid should exclude master take and temporaries
- Snippets: Improved conversion to arrangement

Synfire 2.4.1

Feature Enhancements:
- New file format (not backwards compatible)
- Sparks: Include extended catalog
- Import: Ability to import complete chords in root position
- Library: Option to remove all pool comments when shipping
- Batch Import: Option to assume identical track layout and FR settings
- Snippets: Configure random probabilities for change and silence per group
- Ability to drag/drop export Harmony, Preview, Take from parameter outlets
- Variation: Apply new variation to selected span if there is one
- Pause: Apply state change to selected span if there is one

Resolved Bugs:
- Sparks: Menu item for opening current sketch as arrangement was missing
- Sparks: Fixed disabled items in File menu
- Device Editor: Some edits did not mark devices as dirty
- Device Editor: Improved selection behavior with sounds and categories
- Preview happens to add an instrument to the arrangement where it shouldn't
- Filenames with umlauts not handled correctly on Apple Silicon
- Snippets: Track mutes lost with new playback
- Snippets: Random selection was not equally distributed over all snippets
- Fixed an issue with Complete Chords import that would pollute the Catalog
- Tooltip for Complete Chords was wrong at several places
- Figure: Moved Mute switch to other switches group
- Audio/MIDI Setup: Reloading devices and presets did not properly refresh UI
- Dropped snippet must not create new instrument if the instrument is global
- Fixed several bugs as per submitted crash reports

Other Changes:
- Increased memory usage for improved performance
- Overview: Arrow keys should move a container
- Palette: Play button should preview progression if structure is empty
- Sparks: Initialize a fresh catalog on startup
- Don't stop playback when dropping phrases or parameters from library
- Inspector should switch back to local parameter when Harmony is selected
- Snippets: Improved grid display

Synfire 2.4

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.3
- Harmony inspector at same place with same look on all pages
- Track headers visible next to phrase editor for easier navigation
- File Dialog: Drop any file on an emulated file dialog to go there
- Library: Drop one or more MIDI files on library sidebar for import
- Library: Ability to divide take into equally sized parts
- Import: Add switch to use simple division by measures of tracks ("Simple")
- Import: Ability to set a default sound for all tracks

Resolved Bugs:
- Parameters not always converted when dropped on a parameter outlet
- Parameter Inspector: Snap input to scale switch was dead
- Take not copied with phrases to other container
- Live chord detection should wait a bit until a new chord has settled
- Harmony preview not rendered with Sketch instruments when it should
- Library: Drop container or snippet truncates Harmony to length of Figure
- Factories: Did not respond to keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed issues with scheme editing and undo
- Fixed issues with polytonality layers

Other Changes:
- Library: Don't play preview after adding a phrase
- Scale selection preferences should be editable on inspector only
- Plugin Window: Spacebar should start playback at current container/selection

Synfire 2.3.7

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.2
- Library: Split phrase by symbol type
- Library: Menu option to divide long imported tracks into chunks automatically
- Library: Improved naming and indexing of phrases and extracted spans
- Library: Improved chunk splitting and phrase separation
- Ability to snap live MIDI input to current scale
- Ability to drag export chords from palette
- Click board available also on track sheet
- Library: Ability to edit playing ranges associated with phrase pool
- Editing: Allow inherited parameters to be copied & dragged
- Interpretation: New strategy "Melodic"
- Help: Added links to video tutorials
- Ability to trim a phrase including all parameters (Trim Phrase)

Resolved Bugs:
- Fixed issues with Windows installer and fonts
- Library: Saving embedded library as file should include rack modules
- Interpretation: Some settings were permanently disabled
- Harmony: Some commands were blocked from processing multiple-selections
- Harmony: Fixed instant feedback and layer issues while editing
- Parameter inspector preview didn't work in child containers
- Customized playing ranges of instrument should be preserved where possible
- Fixed issues with recording preferences
- Fixed issues with global keyboard split preference
- Matrix console parameter block not updated dynamically
- Fixed issue with setting sound from a dropped phrase
- Fixed issue with playing ranges and previewing phrases
- Input delegation must be active from the start if enabled
- Fixed graphics glitches with parameter thumbnails
- Fixed issues with Chained Elements factory

Other Changes:
- Keyboard split should only be active during live chord detection
- Disable live chord detection when recording a phrase
- Library: Don't preview first phrase after opening
- Library: Popup menu should not show file extensions
- Import: Divide chunks and split phrases in that order if Create Phrases is enabled
- Palette Export: Label exported MIDI file with chord name
- Preview: Revised and improved parameter templates
- Factories: Avoid overly large gaps between symbols in a segment
- Editing: Ability to divide multiple selected symbols at once

Synfire 2.3.6

Feature Enhancements:
- Library: Ability to re-run figure recognition on all phrases of a pool
- Library: Ability to scale tempo of folder or pool by 2 or 1/2

Resolved Bugs:
- Renamed custom fonts to avoid conflict with system fonts
- Pause background was sometimes rendered wrong
- Library: Renaming a pool or folder did not mark library as dirty
- Scaling tempo of an arrangement was broken

Other Changes:
- Improved parameter explanation labels

Synfire 2.3.5

Feature Enhancements:
- Editing: Shortcuts for selecting Harmony, Figure, Take, Interpretation, etc.

Resolved Bugs:
- Library: Harmony-only phrases not previewed correctly
- Undo/Redo: Fixed crash when undo removes track that's currently open in phrase editor
- Undo/Redo: Fixed crashes when undoing instrument edits
- Undo/Redo: Fixed enablement of undo buttons on Click Board
- Library: Linked preview did not consider playing ranges
- Library: Delete folder was disabled on right-click menu
- Default middle range for piano should be higher (less overlap with lower range)
- Figure Recognition: Guitar strumming did not enable chord segments by default
- Navigation: Fixed issues with back button
- Sketch app was missing a help browser button

Other Changes:
- Parameters: Enable "Link" by default (more intuitive)
- Parameters: Reordered groups to avoid scrolling in most common cases
- Library: Protected phrase pools should also be removable (ask user)
- Library: Resurrected link-preview-to-track switch
- Editing: Show Output in background of Variation parameter
- Editing: Streamline parameter stretch commands
- Overview: Double-click should open/close phrase editor (SHIFT jumps to Structure)
- Improved and simplified iLok handling

Synfire 2.3.4

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.6.1
- External Sync: Bidirectional sync as an option (experimental)
- External Sync: More configuration options
- Audio Engine: Option to mute unused plug-ins automatically (sync inspector)
- Support for old Cubase Expression Map format

Resolved Bugs:
- External Sync: Fixed issues with SPP/Clock sync
- External Sync: Fixed issues with MTC sync warm up time
- External Sync: SMPTE offset handled differently by different DAWs
- External Sync: Stop in DAW didn't also stop Synfire
- Audio Engine: Failed loading Kontakt 7 VST3 (Windows)
- Fixed a crash with Matrix sidebar
- Catalog: Customized chords and scales leaked into new arrangements
- Editing: Fixed undo stack corruption with phrase stretching
- Fixed a crash when a Windows arrangement opens on a Mac and vice versa
- Fixed errors with using Step, Skip and Flow in child containers
- UI got stuck in multi-selection mode (Command-TAB left Cmd modified key in buffer)
- Editing: Pitch symbols should ignore playing ranges

Other Changes:
- Audio Engine: Allow Negative Locators should only affect Drones in DAW
- Increase width of left sidebar
- Audio/MIDI Setup: Reload Devices And All Presets (menu command)
- Disconnected Audio Engine should reconnect faster
- Show parameters on the global matrix strip if they are present
- Drone should display its name on inspector and in DAW (where possible
- Container: Make Room / Close Gap should not require a visible playhead selection
- Coloring scheme preset "Scale Membership" should be transparent by default
- Library: Batch import should look into subfolders by default
- Library: Folder, Pool and Phrase menus streamlined
- Library: Fixed issues with sound assignment to pool
- Device Editor: New device should have a unique model identifier

Synfire 2.3.3

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.5.0
- Audio Engine: Improved MTC/MMC synchronization
- External Sync: Added MMC device ID configuration
- External Sync: Added MMC preset to protocol menu
- External Sync: Added OSC host parameter configuration
- External Sync: Improved timing and protocol compliance with MTC, MMC

Resolved Bugs:
- External Sync: Preferences got lost or changed unpredictably
- External Sync: Latency setting falsely interpreted as seconds
- Editor: Drag copy multiple symbols duplicated them multiple times
- Fixed issues with changing slider values with arrow keys and mouse
- Display of pause parameter was wrong in overview
- Library: Preview remains silent if started very late in arrangement
- Library: Fixed issues with phrase preview
- External Sync: Export to DAW starts playback in DAW
- Drones: Original Drone sometimes not found in DAW on startup
- Drones: Save As ... messed with DAW connection to Drones
- Drones: Playhead position not properly forwarded to guest plugins

Other Changes:
- Audio Engine: No longer install ReWire bundle by default
- Increase Chromatic parameter range on slider to 5 octaves
- Drones: Reclaiming a Drone should merely unlink it from the previous owner
- Sparks: Don't use global zoom by default
- Drones: Playback mode should only be switched manually

Synfire 2.3.2

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine: Version 4.4.1
- Factories: Experimental vocals factory
- Library: Ability to drag snippet memory buttons to library

Resolved Bugs:
- Audio Engine: Another attempt at tackling unnecessarily repeated scans
- Factories: Step variation sometimes inhibited for 1/2 and longer
- Library: Fixed issues when switching to another library
- Library: Different assumptions of default interpretation for editing and playback
- Library: Drop snippets did not copy rack module to library
- Harmonizer: Preview mix was reset on playback
- Fixed a crash with Transform/Dynamics/Humanize
- Fixed a crash with playing ranges
- Accepting harmony from drag & drop didn't update lane
- Fixed several minor crashes as reported

Other Changes:
- Library: Editor should always use library sounds (never linked to arrange track)
- Library: Improved drag & drop behavior
- Library: Dropping a phrase should not silently replace instrument's sound
- Library: Phrase preview should sync plugins with global timeline
- Snippets: Make console resizable
- Do away with the 64bit name suffix for captures files

Synfire 2.3.1

Feature Enhancements:
- Minimum requirement macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
- Audio Engine 4.4.0
- Factories: Show parameter thumbnails for Velocity, Pause, Step
- Factories: New unit variation for stacking melodies
- Factories: Piano right hand with option for ducking chords
- Libraries: Improved Example Piano Library
- Factories: Piano chords with optional length limit

Resolved Bugs:
- Editing: Fixed bugs with transposing a multiple-selection
- Factories: Fixed a bug with Q+A lines
- Factories: Fixed tab selection errors
- Global instrument reference shown red if different than original sound

Other Changes:
- Factories: Improved randomization
- Interpretation: Mixed Keyboard preset should not generate auto-pedal
- Factories: Default velocities too hard

Synfire 2.2.4

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.3.5
- Device Editor: Convert a regular device with Save as Template
- Preferences: Select the default startup window
- Select foreground and background instrument from separate menus

Resolved Bugs:
- Sketch: Switching sketches from the Playback menu could corrupt the arrangement rack
- Dropping phrase on library changed sound of selected phrase in library
- Installer: Installation failed on macOS M1/M2
- Sound Wizard: Playing ranges not updated and deployed as expected
- Library: Standalone app did not ask to save if modified
- Rendering: Fixed issues with modulation (CC 1) as expression controller for sound libraries
- Figure recognition sometimes loses individual notes
- Library: Parameter inspector toolbar was linked to arrange page
- Editing: Moving a multi-selection can swallow segments
- Audio Engine: Fixed issues with resetting controllers on transport stop
- Fixed a crash after opening older palette files and examples
- Fixed issues with articulation display
- Playback did not send all default CC as confingured
- Editing: Paste selection from clipboard always converted to span selection
- Library: Preview harmony not editable during playback
- Palette: Scale notes did not sound when chords were already playing
- Transport selection should not be affected by previews
- Editing: Grouping segments should consolidate articulations
- Recording should also reset controllers to default values
- Recording: Length of recorded Figure sometimes defaulted to entire container
- Overview page did not support multiple tracks selection

Other Changes:
- Playing Ranges: Copy ranges from sound if a global instrument alias
- Playing Ranges: Copy ranges from sound to instrument if they exceed physical range
- Articulations should become visible the moment there are any found (can still be disabled)
- Transport rewind should deselect parameter view objects
- Factories: Randomize parameters more meaningfully
- Pitch bend should always be reset per play
- Step parameter should support loops
- Library: Empty phrase should not play a (silent) preview
- Library: Minor improvements with preview playback
- Installer: Additional instructions for macOS package installation
- Installer: Updated iLok integration
- Library: Minor graphics improvements
- Dropping a phrase should not alter instrument name

Synfire 2.2.3

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.3.4
- Coloring Scheme "Tonnetz"
- Palette layout "Major Minor Only"
- Library: Ability to assign a sound to all pools in a folder
- Example Piano: Added and improved some pools with factories

Resolved Bugs:
- Plugin scanner did not always save final result if interrupted
- Audio Engine: Scanner now dismisses plugins that take longer than three minutes
- Articulations: Fixed a bug with rendering polyphonic figures
- Audio Engine: Shorter message timeouts for faster progress
- Audio Engine: Scanner re-scans failed plugins after cancelation
- Changing the projects folder in Preferences was sometimes not working
- Device Editor: Save pending changes before unlocking identifier
- Copy/paste from harmony library: Auto-Transpose should also apply
- Fixed issues according to submitted crash reports
- Articulations: Dialog should not close on return key
- Articulations: Renaming a key switch should resort list
- Articulations: Expression Map import should resort list
- Library: Phrase preview should use playing ranges of (replacement) sound
- Device Editor: New device should go into current folder
- Device Editor: Tree should remember its expansion states
- Device Editor: Sorting banks by name did not refresh list
- Some icons were missing on click board

Other Changes:
- Editing: Faster response playing a new selection
- Catalog: Improved naming suggestions for scale sets
- Don't open launcher dialog if started with a document as argument
- Sound Wizard: Inserting a sound template should also copy device's properties
- Rack Module Library: Show rack module's custom name if available
- Example Piano: Library should use global piano instrument

Synfire 2.2.2

Feature Enhancements:
- Instrument groups (released)
- Custom CC options for: Reverb, Modulation, Expression, Breath
- Improved handling of articulations
- Improved management of devices

Resolved Bugs:
- Articulations must not be compiled where Figure is overridden by another container
- While editing a Figure, other containers should not inhibit playback of symbols/segments
- Multi-selection Symbol: Setting articulation should not mess with segment articulation
- Global device index could get corrupted after editing device identifier
- Library: Fixed an issue that messed with Preview parameter
- Library: Drop phrase on phrase pool was rejected where not justified
- Fixed issues with Custom CC dialog
- Fixed issues with Custom Articulations dialog
- Batch Import: Fixed issues with skipped or duplicate files
- Batch Import: Fixed crashes when aborting
- Sound Allocation Monitor: Fixed issues with zombies
- Parameter inspector missed some links to user manual

Other Changes:
- Save as Global Device: Ask whether to replace existing device
- Download From Repository: Ask whether to replace existing device
- Save downloaded devices to same folder of replaced or updated original
- Ensure multiple copies of a device have distinct names in addition to distinct identifiers
- Upload to Repository should accept fixed-channel devices w/o warning
- Moved Reverb controller to Mix group
- Custom articulations latency should be assigned to all (per type)
- Batch Import: Keep last used drum kit sound for all files
- Batch Import: Improve sound estimation from track data
- Import all tracks for drums regardless of content size
- Batch Import: Use filename as pool name when merging all tracks
- Batch Import: Process files in alphabetical order

Synfire 2.2.1

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.3.1
- Audio Engine: Plug-ins scanned in parallel up to 800% faster
- Import articulations from Cubase Expression Maps
- Experimental Feature: Instrument groups
- Alt + PLAY: Play Container (instruments with phases in the current container)

Resolved Bugs:
- Right-click menu did not open on minimized track header
- Fixed timing issues at start of playback and recording
- Fixed metronome issues
- Fixed issues with standalone Progression editor app

Other Changes:
- Improved VST3 compatibility
- (macOS) Fixed some Metal layer rendering bugs
- (macOS) Improved input handling on macOS
- Improved the performance of Audio Engine
- Audio Engine: Scan Cognitone plug-ins first so initial rack can load if scan times out

Synfire 2.0.14

Feature Enhancements:
- Audio Engine 4.2.2
- Pause parameter should be visualized more intuitively
- Pause parameter should also show three-state switch on inspector

Resolved Bugs:
- Sparks: Library menu was invisible
- Sparks: MIDI file import crashed
- Express: Refused to connect with DAW Drones
- Velocity does not respond to arrow keys in hyper mode
- Zooming is blocked if zoom-to-fit created extremely small scale
- Installer on macOS does not remove Synfire version 1 app on upgrade
- Output display incomplete with long arrangements
- Fixed preparation issues with notation export
- Articulations not stored consistently with segments and symbols
- Articulations not rendered correctly for individual symbols
- Unable to convert Velocity to Modulation
- Segment hold switch should allow sustained note to persist
- Parsing multiple harmonic function expressions hangs
- Fixed several crashes as reported
- Warning for DAW synch lead-in shows up in error
- Parameter inspector broken for Length

Other Changes:
- License Manager compatibility on macOS Ventura
- Figure recognition doesn't switch parameters inside pool editor
- View >> Simplified was confusing (removed)
- Instant audio feedback should be a global switch
- Command-E should drop mix parameters from phrase
- Import: Allow same sound on multiple tracks unless channels are retained
- User Manual: Container chapter needs to explain priority
- User Manual: Figure accidentals should be explained
- Improved chord parsing
- Fixed several graphics issues

Synfire 2.0.11

Feature Enhancements:
- Library: Add a Sound tab to right sidebar (edit plug-in, etc)
- Notation Export: Option to enabled/disable extra lead-in measure

Resolved Bugs:
- Fixed bugs with sound assignment after loading arrangements, libraries
- Issue with labeling global instruments
- Issue with updating instrument labels after drop
- Library: Phrase >> New From Selection not responsive to keyboard
- Library: Fixed issues with automatic phrase labeling
- Library: Sound allocation status not displayed correctly
- Fixed issues with uninstalling Synfire
- Fixed a bug with catalog item shortcuts and naming

Other Changes:
- Editing: Hover over chord-like segment at right edge should activate length tool
- Sidebars should respond to spacebar (stop)

Synfire 1.10.10

Resolved Bugs:
- (macOS) Application and installer crashed on launch (macOS 10.15.5)
- (macOS) Drone AudioUnit reported no version
- (Windows) Fixed an issue that prevented installation on Windows 7 in some instances

Synfire 1.10.4

Other Changes:
- (macOS) This is a Mac-only build for now that fixes a serious issue with dialog boxes


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