Solving Email Problems

What to do if you are not receiving email replies from our servers or customer support

In order to create a user account, reset your password, place an order or manage your licenses, you need to be able to receive Email messages from our servers. Unfortunately, these messages may be intercepted by junk mail or spam filters, so they might never actually reach your inbox. We have little to no influence on what makes these filters think our messages are spam, otherwise we could probably fix it.

Check Junk Folders

First check the local junk or spam folders of your email application. If you are using a web-based email service, please also check its junk mail folders. Sometimes messages already get sorted out at the server side.

Your ISP Blocking Our Replies

Your email or Internet Service Provider may be blocking all our emails categorically. We are currently using SendGrid as our delivery service. Please check if that domain is blocked. After you didn't get a response within a week, please let us know, so we can reply using an alternative Gmail address. If that also doesn't help, we might not receive your emails neither. Note that this situation is very rare, but when it happens, understandably, users get really mad at us.

Our Server Blocks Your Emails

Note that this is rare, but you might want to check if your current IP address, or the domain of your email provider are currently listed on a blacklist. This might block your emails from arriving at our inbox for a while.

Use an Alternative Address

If you tried multiple times to no avail, please try using an alternative email address from another provider. This helped most users so far.

Use Contact Form

If you already have a user account and can log in, please use our contact form.

Share Your Insights

If you found a solution that works for you, or if your ISP provided you with a detailed description of the reasons why a message was refused, please let us know. This will greatly help us narrow down and eventually eliminate these problems.

Thank You!


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