Harmony Navigator 2

After more than a year, it's now time to bring Harmony Navigator to the next level. The new version 2 is available in two editions: A budget-friendly Light Edition and the Advanced Edition that features a pattern editor, song editor, harmonizer and midi import.

During the past year we more and more noticed that the needs of our users largely fall into two categories. While purists and fans of electronic music could comfortably do without virtual accompaniment bands, others wished they had more possibilities for adding their own patterns and building songs.

Therefore we decided to offer two separate products for everyone's needs and budget: A compact and very affordable product for pure harmonic work, and a more comprehensive product for drafting prototypes of entire songs.

Tip: If you are new to Harmony Navigator, you might want to check out the product description first.

Harmony Navigator 2 LE

In case you mainly want to generate chord sequences and arpeggios for your sequencer, or you do play your songs on a "real" instrument anyway, virtual accompaniments may be less important to you. If you rather want to focus on pure harmony, the Light Edition can save you money. It contains the entire unlimited knowledge base of its bigger brother, while omitting an editor for songs and accompaniment patterns and the harmonizer.

Every palette hosts a notepad where you can capture chords being played live. On double-click a full-featured progression editor opens, that allows for detailed editing of bass, scales, keys and everything.

Export chord sequences (progressions) as Standard MIDI Files. A selection of built-in base accompaniments is at your disposal, in case you wish to put your chords to live (guitar, piano, arpeggios).

Create new chords and scales in the catalog and extend the harmonic possibilities of Harmony Navigator according to your own ideas.

Harmony Navigator 2 LE is an intelligent companion supported by a powerful musical knowledge base, presenting musical theory in an intuitive, very easy to use way. In case later on you feel you want to switch to the Advanced Edition, you can upgrade at any time.

Harmony Navigator 2 Advanced Edition

We invested a lot of work in order to enhance the features of Harmony Navigator and make it more comfortable to draft of entire songs. The new song window is the most important achievement. It features multiple parts on a timeline, which also supports loop playback. You can now maintain your entire project in a single window:

Progressions (Chords)

Use the full-featured embedded progression editor to set chords and scales separately for each part. Drop chords from a palette here, or capture progressions played live on any number of open palettes in real-time.

Instruments (Mixer)

This is the place to insert the phrases that your instruments are supposed to play in each part. Phrases are shown as graphical thumbnails that you can cut and trim to suit your needs. In order to simplify and speed up things, a global basis accompaniment serves as a shared default template for all parts.

Harmony Navigator 2 Advanced Edition now supports pattern recognition and polyphony also for import and recording. Thus you can more easily build your own patterns from existing MIDI files.

Use protected instruments (red) to record your melodies. These tracks will not be replaced when switching to another basis accompaniment, for example, to try out the best accompaniment style for a given vocal melody.


Switch to this tab to find the key signature and chords that best match a given melody. Move your way forward, step by step, picking chords from the suggestions list at any position on the timeline and listen to the result immediately.

Other Enhancements (Both Editions)

We added support for customized or uncommon string instrument tunings by means of simple XML files. HN2 generates all possible chord patterns for your instrument automatically.

Sound management has been much improved and simplified. MIDI ports are now referred to by name. External sound generators can be addressed directly via port name, channel and program change message. Setting up a device description in advance is no longer mandatory.

A general overhaul of the user interface made it easier to use, more intuitive and robust.


(A comprehensive product comparison can be found here)

Release Date and Prices

Both editions are immediately available in our web store at attractive introductory prices. We will announce the end of the introductory period a few days in advance on our newsletter.

In case you purchased a license for the previous version after November 15th 2009, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Harmony Navigator 2 Advanced Edition. Other users of the previous version that wish to downgrade to the current LE version, can do so for free. Please use the contact form to let us know.

A 30-day trial is available for both editions, combined in a single download.


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