Harmony Navigator 2 Demo 2.7.14 Build 1 (Mac)

Includes both versions HN2 Advanced and HN2 Light Edition. You can select the version you want to test before the program starts.

Installation: Requires OS X 10.7 or later. Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive and open the installation package Harmony Navigator 2.mpkg. If OS X complains about an "Unknown Developer", please open the package with the right-click menu and choose "Open" from the dialog that appears. After the installation, you will find the program in the Applications folder. The installation cannot be run from a network volume. If your installation fails, please check our Troubleshooting Tips.

User Manual and Tutorials: You find them on the products's main menu under "Help".

Limitations of the Demo:
You may try the software for 30 days. Documents can not be saved, exported or printed.

34.43 MB last updated 2018-01-20

Download nav-Demo-2.7.14-osx.zip

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