„Synfire is the fullfillment of my life long dream to be able to compose what's in my head!“

Dr. Richard Bartlett

„I wish I could turn back the clock 20 years to start all over again. My career would have been much different if I had Harmony Navigator from the beginning.“

Athena (User Forum)

„The new updates are amazing guys! your software really changed my life, and I do not say that lightly. You are all doing fantastic work. well done!“

Revolver Yoselot (Facebook)

„This is the worlds first true Computer Aided Music Composition Tool.“

Jeremy Tressler

„I consider the software very exceptional and leading edge. Musically very insightful. Bravo!“

Richard Clements (Composer, Conductor)

„As you do your clicks your creative juices explode. Each time I load the program a new song idea pops in my head.“

Oliver Chesler (www.wiretotheear.com)

„This is a piece of software where your imagination is the limit.“

Mark Styles (Pliant Tunes, BMI)

„I am a veteran user of Ableton Live and always thought that was unsurpassed, insuperable in musical creativity but now for me the king of creativity is Synfire Pro.“

Mario P. Garcia

„Wow! I was having the time of my life. I almost forgot to eat! Synfire is simply amazing!!!“

hummersalad (User Forum)

„I am a struggling musician and have been for 20 plus years and I can see that what I have been missing in my music is your program.“

Leonard Sauvageau

„I hope the old masters like Mozart, Bruckner, Strauss, Tchaikovski will forgive me. I put them all through this meat grinder, called Synfire.“

juergen (User Forum)

„Your products are absolutely amazing [...] Harmony Navigator is probably the best thing that ever happened to me musically.“

Hens Zimmerman (37hz.net)

„Synfire is beyond anything out there and simply is not a one size fits all. It is at least 5 - 10 programs in one. “

jupiter6 (User Forum)

„It is rare that I find a piece of software that inspires this much fervor in me.“

Sharky T.

„Synfire is by far the best software I have ever purchased and it gives me so much fun and pleasure, thank you so much.“

petearch (User Forum)

„This software can be scary but I love it!!“

Blacksun (User Forum)

„Take the plunge! Just be ready to say goodbye to your former life.“

Hangdog Cat (User Forum)

„The amazing thing about Synfire is that I can match melody with harmony or harmony with melody or both with one another at the same time.“

Zarathustra (User Forum)

„I loved this software from day one and it's still getting better.“

Chris Caulder