Synfire Sparks

Synfire Sparks

The intelligent harmony navigator and arranger for songwriters. Based on the same technology as is big sisters, Express and Pro, it is able to understand and interpret music on a conceptual level. Synfire Sparks helps you develop new song ideas and put them to life in no time.

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Create Music With Character And Substance

With a DAW it's easy to fire up a drum loop, record a bass line and add some sustained chords. Everybody can do this in a few minutes and that's what it sounds like: All the same.

Unless you happen to have absolutely stunning vocals that carry and dominate the whole song, your song needs a supporting substance to make it stand out from the rest: Rhythm, harmony, melody (hooks) and structure. And it should be as relaxed and original as possible to make it stick.

All sorts of styles and genres come and go over time, but at the core it's still the same "secret" that makes the difference. Synfire Sparks is a great workbench where you can find these ingredients, put them together and export them to your DAW.

What Synfire Sparks Can Do

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What Happened To Harmony Navigator 2?

Harmony Navigator is no longer a separate standalone product. It has been integrated with the Synfire family: Sparks, Express and Pro. You can upgrade your copy of HN2 to Synfire Sparks or Synfire Express. With both editions you can now host your audio plug-ins (AudioUnits, VST3, VST), edit phrases and collect you own libraries.

Now that all editions are based on the same foundation, you can use most tutorials and instructions made for any of the other editions. Although they are not 100% identical, you will more easily find what you are looking for.