Akai EWI USB Control 1.3.2 (Windows)

Setup and MIDI filtering utility for the Akai EWI USB wind controller hardware. Provided to you free of charge by Cognitone.

Akai EWI USB Control reads MIDI data from your wind controller, filters and processes it and then sends it to your sequencer or synthesizer. You can setup filters that generate articulations (key switches) to control different timbres and variations of the sample library you are playing. Akai EWI USB Control is also a great utility to save different setups for your wind controller to files and restore them later.

Requires Windows 7 or later.

Note: If you want to link to this download from an external website, please only use this link: http://www.cognitone.com/link.stml?to=ewi It will always work, even if we will eventually move this page to another place.

4.42 MB last updated 2019-11-24

Download ewi-usb-control-1.3.2-win.zip

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