Harmony Navigator 2 Demo 2.8.12 Build 1 (Windows)

Includes both versions HN2 Advanced and HN2 Light Edition. You can select the version you want to test before the program starts.

Installation: Please fully extract the downloaded ZIP archive to a new folder, then run SETUP.EXE in the folder (does not work inside the ZIP). Please regard README.txt in there, if present. Also please temporarily disable virus scanners and similar security solutions during the installation. If your installation fails, please check our Troubleshooting Tips.

User Manual and Tutorials: You find them on the products's main menu under "Help".

Limitations of the Demo:
You may try the software for 30 days. Documents can not be saved, exported or printed.

90.39 MB last updated 2021-03-10

Download nav-Demo-2.8.12-win.zip

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