Product Comparison

Product Comparison

The above diagram illustrates the relationship of our products. While Synfire Pro includes every feature currently implemented (and will always do so in the future), the entry level Express Edition and its little brothers HN2 Advanced Edition and HN2 LE offer a focussed subset of features at a more affordable price. Cognitone customers have the option to upgrade to a higher edition at any time.

Detailed List


HN2 Advanced

Synfire Express

Synfire Pro

Focus Progressions Songwriting Entry Level Composition & Arrangement Professional Composition & Arrangement
Typical Application Explore harmony, enhance musical skills, support manual songwriting, export chords to your sequencer Songwriting, create demos, find chords to a melody, play-along, export songs to your sequencer Compose Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic, Ambient, Hip Hop, etc. Run synched with DAW Compose contemporary orchestral music, game soundtracks, film scores, piano music, advanced electronic music, develop a personal style, work with DAW and notation software
Target Audience Guitarists, Keyboarders, Students, Teachers, Electronic Musicians Songwriters, Bands, Advanced Electronic Musicians Entry Level Composers, Hobbyists Composers, Producers, serious Enthusiasts
Audio Hosting - - VST, AudioUnits VST, AudioUnits
DAW Synchronization - - ReWire Transport ReWire Transport
DAW Drones - - VST, AudioUnits, AAX VST, AudioUnits, AAX
Distribution in LAN - - - X
External Hardware Sync - - - X
MIDI Time Code - - - X
Song Position Pointer - - - X
Harmony AI X X X X
Custom String Instruments X X X X
Palettes, Navigation X X X X
Progression Editor X X X X
Real-Time Sketches - X X X
Harmonizer - X X X
Import MIDI Files - Limited X X
Import Libraries 3) - - X X
Import Containers 1) - - - X
Export to Notation - - - MusicXML, LilyPond
Export to DAW - - Drag & Drop Drag & Drop
Export MIDI Files X X X X
Document Types Progressions, Palettes Progressions, Palettes, Sketches, Songs Progressions, Palettes, Sketches, Arrangements, Libraries Progressions, Palettes, Sketches, Arrangements, Libraries
Recording - Limited X X
Figure Recognition - X X X
Interpretation - Limited X X
Instruments 4 8 32 1024
Ports (Channels) 4 (64) 8 (128) 250 (unlimited) 250 (unlimited)
Structure - Linear Nested Hierarchical
Songs - X X X
Arrangements - - X X
Inheritance 2) - - Limited (2 Levels) Unlimited Depth
Morphing - - - X
Polytonality - - - X
Articulations - - - X
Lyrics - - - X
Phrase Pools 3) - - X X
Phrase Libraries - - X X
Phrase Editor - Harmony Only X X
Phrase Split & Merge - - - X
Render Parameters Harmony Harmony, Transpose, Variation, Interpretation, Volume, Pan, Reverb Analysis, Bend, Breath, Expression, Figure, Gain, Harmony, Interpretation, Length, Modulation, Pan, Pause, Portamento, Reverb, Rhythm, Send, Shift, Step, Sustain, Take, Transition, Transpose, Variation, Velocity, Volume Analysis, Bend, Breath, Chromatic, Expression, Figure, Gain, Harmony, Interpretation, Layer, Length, Lyrics, Modulation, Morphing, Pan, Pause, Portamento, Reverb, Rhythm, Scheme, Send, Shift, Step, Sustain, Take, Tempo, Time, Transition, Transpose, Variation, Velocity, Volume
Custom Controllers - - 8 8
Tempo Changes 4) - - Static Continuous
Tempo Scaling (Time) - - - X
Cue Markers - - - X

X = supported, - = not supported

1) Import Containers: The Pro edition features a mass import of instruments and phrases when a container is pasted from the clipboard to another arrangement. This simplifies copy and paste between multiple projects and hence the construction of large projects from existing fragments.

2) Inheritance: Maximum depth of nested containers. In Synfire Express, you have two levels, that is, you can place any number of containers in the root container and then place additional containers inside those, but no deeper. This is sufficient for most popular musical styles. If you want to use container nesting as a means for motif development, you would need Pro.

3) Phrase Pools: Since 2015, these are now also included with the Express edition of Synfire, because collecting figures and phrases is an essential part of the workflow.

4) Tempo Changes: The Express edition uses a slider and numeric entry to set one global tempo. With the Pro edition, you can edit a continous tempo map graphically throughout the entire composition.