Composing Music

Composing Music

Synfire is an intelligent assistant and workbench for composing and rapidly prototyping music. It is at its best when there are multiple instrumental parts, melodies, counterpoint, non-repetitive harmony, and a narrative structure.

The Limits Of DAWs

Creative work benefits greatly from experimentation. But a DAW does not offer any facilities to collect, edit and combine reusable components. With many instrumental parts, articulations and non-trivial harmony, making far-reaching changes to an evolving score is even more difficult compared to songwriting. For example, just try to change a harmony progression for a dozen instruments after the fact, because you found that a IV-V-I cadence works much better at that point. Sometimes the best ideas come when most of a piece is already done.

How many times have you settled for a compromise because it would be too much trouble to make these changes or start over? That's a pity, because you are falling short of your potential. Don't put yourself in a straitjacket.

The Freedoms Of Synfire

The Big Picture


Instrumental Parts (Phrases)


If composing music is relatively new for you, Synfire is a wonderful companion that can assist you along the way. If you are an experienced professional, Synfire can give many fresh impulses and new inspiration.


Providing music examples for Synfire is much like cooking example meals for a kitchen. The food doesn't really say much about the kitchen. At the risk of totally missing your taste, please check out a few examples we have done for testing Synfire's features.

Music Examples Video Tutorials

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Synfire - The Second Generation

Making a monster application like this takes a lot of time and effort. We worked hard to make Synfire 2 more powerful and much easier to use than its predecessor.

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All features mentioned on this page are included with the Pro edition. The Sparks and Express editions may not support all of them. Please refer to the product comparison page for details.