Experience a groundbreaking new technology that is able to understand and interpret music at a high level of abstraction. Following an entirely new approach, Synfire helps you put new ideas to life.

The following videos show why composing music is a challenge and how Synfire helps you develop new musical ideas. The second video provides an overview of the technology and features of Synfire:

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Suppose you are working on a song or an orchestral work. In part, it's already recorded in a DAW or set in a notation program and sounds quite ok. Somehow something is still missing, however. To be honest, there's quite a lot that's missing. Variety, for instance. It could need parts with different harmonies and instruments. Secondary voices, more depth. And as we are at it, those harmonies also seem a bit boring.

Now, where do you get different harmonies from? And once you've found them, how much work is involved to re-record all instruments to match the change? What if this still doesn't cut it? Will you start over from scratch and repeat all this again and again? How many times a day can you go this roundturn before it's getting cumbersome and demotivating? How much creative freedom can you live out this way in the first place?

In case you're not a virtuoso instrumentalist, who's playing all this for you in those countless variations?

In case you're composing for orchestra, how cumbersome is it to edit all parts individually, in order to change the overall harmonic narrative across multiple measures?

Composing With Synfire

With Synfire, things are much easier: Imagine you're simply clicking on harmonies on a colorful palette and your entire song follows your instructions. All instruments together, without a delay and across all keys!

You can drop figures on an instrument and Synfire will play something completely different, yet always fitting the song.

Imagine having hundreds of these figures and phrases and being able to insert them into any song at any place. And you can distort them, stretch, transpose, divide, combine, mirror, reverse, you name it. The same figure renders different music depending on where you place it. This way you can easily build up motifs and musically meaningful variations.

With Synfire you can even invent your own system of harmony and your song will happily follow it.

That's Music Prototyping. That's what you can do with Synfire!

With Synfire you can judge your work from a comfortable distance. Focus on creative decisions, instead of getting lost in painstaking details and losing sight of your goal.

Synfire is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Users that have worked with Synfire for a while can't imagine how they would ever be able to do without it.

Creating Musical Substance

No, Synfire is not a Smash-Hit-At-Your-Fingertips entertainment gadget. It is powerful and deep enough to put you in full control over the details of your music, no matter if simple or complex. It works for all musical styles. There's no canned music, stereotypes or genre limitations inside, that would constrain your creativity. It's unlikely that anyone would guess you have used Synfire.

Synfire helps you build intellectual property: a composition. A composition is independent of the sounds and effects you use. It's the musical substance that makes your work recognizable and original. It's also what composers and songwriters get paid for.

Integration With Your Studio

Synfire is a comprehensive and powerful standalone application that hosts virtual instruments (VST/AudioUnits) and synchronizes with (almost) all popular DAWs at sample-precision. You have the option of working with your DAW at the same time, export to the DAW later, or compose entirely in Synfire. External hardware instruments are supported.

Synfire exports composed music immeditaley to the DAW via Drag & Drop, or writes MIDI files or notation formats (MusicXML, LilyPond).

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