Harmony Navigator Screen Shots

Harmony Navigator Screen Shots

Harmony Navigator 2 LE

The Light Edition features everything you need for surfing harmony space and for editing chord changes (progressions). If you are looking for a sophisticated tool to learn and apply harmony, at an affordable price, HN2 LE is for you.

Harmony Navigator 2 Advanced Edition

The Advanced Edition includes everything LE has, plus a song editor, harmonizer and real-time accompaniment sketches for immersive palette surfing. It is an ideal companion for songwriters. The main difference to LE is you can arrange songs with multiple parts for up to eight instruments. Suiting your chosen harmony, MIDI is generated automatically for all instruments, which you can export to your DAW.

Palettes And Coloring Schemes

Various palette layouts and colorings provide visual hints to what might sound good in a particular chord progression. You can customize all layouts and color hints to suit your needs. Both Harmony Navigator 2 editions feature the full palette system.


Harmony Navigator prints progressions and chord palettes with a lot of helpful additional information for convenient "offline" use. Chords, scales and keyboard symbols provide an easy-to-use aid for the songwriter and his instrument. Simply print a copy for each band member and you won't need to take the laptop with you.

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