Apple Silicon (M1) Support

We are working on native Apple M1 support. Visit this page for updates on progress.

Concerning native M1 support, we have some progress to report: Native M1 code is running fine already, albeit performance of the UI and AI is still very slow.

The Audio Engine and its plug-ins are written in C++ and their native performance on a M1 Mac is great. The UI and AI are written in Smalltalk, the JIT compiler of which is still being optimized by its developers for better performance on Apple Silicon. Unfortunately we have little to no influence on that process, but are confident it will eventually be finished.

This may still take some time. So, if you want to run Synfire 2.0 on a Mac the moment it is released, we suggest you wait with an upgrade to M1 hardware until we can fully support that architecture. At least keep an Intel Mac around until that happens.

We're sorry for the delay and are as eager as you to get things going as soon as possible!


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