Upgrading HN2 to Synfire

Learn about your upgrade options and what distinguishes Synfire Sparks from Express and how they compare to HN2 Advanced Edition and HN2 LE.

With the second generation of Synfire, the features of all editions have been carefully rebalanced in order to make every edition as useful as possible for their envisioned target audience and at the same time allow us to offer more affordable options as an alternative to the flagship Pro edition.

  1. The Sparks edition helps you understand music theory, write and arrange songs and create instrumental phrases that you can export to your DAW. Its the small upgrade from HN2 and the preferred choice for songwriters, home producers, students and teachers.
  2. The Express edition offers many more creative tools, increased capacities and more control over details. It is the big upgrade from HN2 and a great choice for everyone who whats more than HN2 but doesn't need the full-blown features of the Pro edition.
  3. The Pro edition includes all prototyping features ever made for Synfire, offering the most powerful and productive workflow for professionals and music enthusiasts.

Harmony Navigator is no longer a standalone product. It has been renamed and merged into a new Synfire family. You have two upgrade options from HN2, which are outlined here.

Upgrade To Synfire Express

This is the big upgrade from Harmony Navigator 2 (Advanced Edition). Express not only includes all features and capacities of HN2, it is also a lot more powerful in every regard.


Upgrade From HN2 Advanced Edition

Upgrade From HN2 LE

Upgrade To Synfire Sparks

This is the small upgrade from HN2. Some features of HN2 Advanced Edition moved to Synfire Express in order to balance the new product family. Depending on your priorities you may or may not need them.


Upgrade From HN2 Advanced Edition

Upgrade From HN2 LE

Detailed Comparison

For the most informed decision, please check out the complete comparison of all Synfire editions.


Check out our new tutorials to get an impression of some workflows with Synfire Sparks and Synfire Express.



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