What's New With Synfire 2.0

The new generation of Synfire has much improved since version 1. This is a list of new features and improvements.

Feature Enhancements: 
- Native Support For Apple Silicon M1, M2
- Much Improved User Experience & Layout
- More Powerful Drag & Drop Capabilities
- Simplified & Intuitive Sound Setup (Drag & Drop)
- Searchable Sidebars for Library, Presets, Plug-Ins, etc.
- Audio Engine 4
- Support for VST3
- Improved Phrase Editing
- Improved Figure Rendering & Interpretation
- Integrated Help Browser (User Manual)
- Searchable, Always Up-To-Date Online Manual
- Sparks: Plug-In Hosting
- Sparks: Phrase Editing
- Express: Snippets (Live Loops)
- Express: Edit Libraries Inside Arrange Window
- Express: Parameter Templates
- Express: New And Improved Tools (Mute, Cut, Erase, Gestalt)
- Express: Mute Individual Symbols
- Express: Improved Click Board
- Express: Improved Catalog
- Express: New Parameter (Output)
- Pro: Factories (Generate Random Phrases)
- Pro: Snippet Group Folders
- Pro: Inactivate Phrases, Containers For A/B Testing
- Pro: MIDI Effects Drones
- Pro: Linear Overview Page (Map)
- Pro: New Parameters (Skip, Flow, Dynamics)
- Pro: Library Racks
- Pro: Custom Articulations Per Symbol
- Pro: Customizable Quantization Grid
- Pro: Relative Symbol Type
- Pro: Improved Notation Export
- Pro: Merge Multiple Catalogs

Resolved Bugs: 
- Improved Overall Stability And Performance

Other Changes: 
- Too many changes to list them all ...


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