XML Import/Export: MIDI Device Definitions

Cognitone software allows for the import of standard Apple XML "midnam" patch name definition files and regular text files, which can save you hours of tedious typing. Please have a look into our Links Section to learn more about online resources with ready-to-use files and format descriptions.

Apple XML ("midnam") Import

The purpose of soundbank XML defintions is to allow the exchange of popular preset banks and extension catridges etc., without the need to copy complete instrument defintions. XML is a generic format which can be used on either platform, MacOS X, Unix or Windows. Hence, you may use any file you find on the net, regardless if it was created for the Mac or PC. There are already many ready-to-use files available at several places on the net. See our Links Section for a few examples, or simply google for "midnam".

Customized Cognitone XML Tags

In order to represent Cognitone-specific instrument attributes, we have added several XML tags. These tags will only be written when exporting MIDI device definitions from Harmony Navigator or MPS. Usually, the XML parsers of other applications will ignore unknown tags by default. You probably won't encounter any problems when importing the XML files into whatever third party application.

Please note that currently, the tag definitions are still subject to change. If you are interested in writing software utilities, please contact our developers to get the most recent specs.

Regular Text File Import

As a simple alternative, sound banks may be imported from plain text files. These files simply consist of a number of text lines of the form

<program-change-number> <sound-name>

No further information is reqiured. Please make sure the last line is terminated with a line feed. Importing a sound bank from a text file does not include categorization or playing range characterstics. These attributes must be edited manually in MPS or Harmony Navigator. We recommend that you export an edited sound bank in XML format, so your definitions will be preserved.

Please note: While saving new instrument definitions with "Save As..." will preserve all meta-information in any case, exporting them in XML or text format is lossy. The export function should only be used to exchange instrument definitions with others.


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