Enjoy a creative freedom that is not possible with a DAW. Combine any harmonies and musical expressions and Synfire renders matching instrumental parts for you. Change the harmony, interpretation or structure of an entire arrangement at any time. Even in retrospect.

Synfire can comprehend the meaning of music and interpret it intelligently. You are continually presented with something from which you can choose and put together something new. Or you can put it aside for later and collect it. Many happy accidents and unexpected inspirations happen along the way. The result is music that surprises even yourself.

Say goodbye to the same old, same old. Your next hookline or leitmotif is already within reach.

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Music Prototyping

A DAW is first and foremost a recording device for music production. In the creative phase of composing or songwriting, you have little freedom to experiment on a higher musical level. By recording or drawing notes, you have to commit to a certain variation early on. If you have one at all.

However, the best ideas come from free experimentation and the fun you have in the process. With Synfire you can try out different melodies, harmonies, rhythms, variations and arrangements without having to touch a single note. Suddenly something appears out of nowhere that you spontaneously like. Keep it and build on it. Only commit yourself when you really like your piece as a whole.

Inspiration For Years To Come

Synfire is a very comprehensive working environment with many tools that you can combine with each other. Here you are supported by artificial intelligence on an equal footing instead of being at its mercy. You retain full control.

Synfire is an inexhaustible source of new ideas. Once you've worked with it for a while, you won't want to do without it. Take the time to familiarize yourself with it and you will be rewarded handsomely.


Choose Your Genre

So we can talk about music in way that is familiar to you, please select the genres you are mainly working on. Synfire has multiple audiences with different workflows and prerequisites. Not hardwired to anything, it is open to all genres and musical styles.

A) Popular: Songwriting, Pop/Rock, R&B, HipHop, EDM, Ambient or similar

B) Advanced: Piano, Jazz, Orchestral, Soundtracks, or similar

Although Synfire hosts your instruments (audio plug-ins) and offers basic mixing capabilities, it doesn't want to replace your DAW or notation program. It is meant to complement them. You can export your work in part or as a whole with drag & drop. Or save Standard MIDI Files (SMF) and notation formats like MusicXML and LilyPond.

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