Synfire Trial

Synfire Trial

Simply login and request it Here

If you do not have a user account yet, please create one first. Since your request will be verified and processed manually, it may take a little time until the download is ready. While you wait, you may want to have a look into the User Manual (download found at bottom of the page) and make yourself acquainted with the powerful features of Synfire Pro.


Do I need an iLok?

No. Merely the iLok License Manager needs to be installed. You can uninstall it, after you no longer need it.

Is there also a demo for Synfire Sparks and Express?

All editions are included with the demo. You can select which demo to try at startup of the program.

Can the demo be run offline?

The demo needs to briefly connect to our website at startup in order to verify your trial license and make sure the program hasn't been modified by third parties. No personal information is transmitted. A permanent connection is not necessary. You can go offline once the program is running.

Can the full version be run offline?

Yes. Synfire Sparks can be activated locally and run offline. Synfire Express and Pro can be run offline if you have an iLok USB key. If you are using the iLok Cloud, you need to be online.

Can I extend my trial period?

Yes, sure! Please request an extension here, after your trial has expired.